Kate's Story

I would like to share my experience in the Work Success program. At first I felt that I was being sent to the department of redundancy department. I had completed the workshops for resumé writing, interviewing, etc. more than once in the two years I have been looking for work.

I was discouraged and felt disgraced by my situation because I was unable to find work. My inability to provide for my family was devastating and I was humiliated by my fiscal and emotional destitution.

I attended the first day with trepidation but found that each day began with a story of courage and inspiration. We were encouraged to discuss our obstacles and barriers. The program setting seemed like group therapy which was off putting at first but we were treated like real people with real issues that mattered to someone. The sharing and understanding was uplifting. I began to feel less alone and found the will to try harder. I cannot overemphasize the value of empathy in helping participants overcome their barriers and achieve an empowered mindset. We became each others' allies.

We honed our skills and learned to sell ourselves with confidence. We learned to recognize and use our networks. Our appearance and demeanor became more dignified. Each partner's success was motivation for the rest of us and it had a snowball effect. The lessons I took from the coaches and other participants were both instructional and confidence building, but more importantly were genuinely heartfelt.

The program worked wonders for my outlook, my attitude and my self-image. The coaches were outstanding and although I haven't found a permanent position yet, I have renewed self-confidence. The tools I acquired made me stronger and I believe in myself again. Work Success reaffirmed that I am a hard working, ethical, intelligent, talented and enthusiastic employee. Thanks to DWS, my counselors and my fellow participants for allowing me to be part of Work Success.