Robin's Story

I have been unemployed and doing things on my own since August 4th. In that time I have been evicted and homeless and truly struggling with depression and feeling beaten down by life. When I finally applied for Financial and was told about the Work Success program, I was highly skeptical. My first day I was sincerely welcomed warmly and it truly felt like a safe and productive environment.

I cannot believe that the tools I received and the encouragement toward success that I was given by my coach Trudi helped me to turn things around and actually get a decent job in only 5 days on the program!!! I am overwhelmed with deep gratitude and know that the skills I have been given by

this AMAZING person will last my entire lifetime.

I am sincerely pleased that I went through this class. I honestly believe that I would have continued making the same mistakes over and over till my life became worse. Although, I am not sure how much worse it could have gotten. I know it will take me time to get my life back to where it was, but, with the skills that I have been given, I know it will NEVER be where it has been again! And, for that, I am truly grateful.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this great program with this WONDERFUL employee that carried me through and was tenacious in making me strive for the perfection I needed to reach the success that she saw with me even when I did not see it within myself.