Unemployment Insurance Division


Received the Performance Excellence Award for five years in a row by the U.S. Department of Labor, our team of specialists operates faster and more effectively in the areas of benefit payments, tax operations, and appeal decisions than in any other medium-sized state in the nation.

How we accomplish this: Our team of specialists work to support the re-entry of Utah's Skilled Worforce into full employment. Funded entirely by dedicated employer contributions, the unemployment insurance program provides qualified workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own temporary benefits to help bridge the gap between jobs.

By implementing innovative and accessible tools for both employers and unemployed Utahns — paired with top-tier customer service — we are able to quickly and efficiently process benefit payments and tax operations.


* Engaging individuals earlier results in a higher likelihood of finding reemployment sooner.
* We offer a robust registration process for all new claimants, including a connection to the more than 20,000 openings found at jobs.utah.gov and self-paced online workshops.
* For individuals that would benefit from a more individualized approach, we work closely with our Workforce Development team to offer one-on-one appointments and meaningful in-person workshops.
* This work contributes directly to Utah’s consistent standing in the top 10 states for a lower duration of unemployment benefits.

* We value the trust of Utah taxpayers and actively work toward offering a program with integrity.
* Our team of specialists is dedicated to the reduction of improper payments through enhanced data analytics, customer education.
* We are consistently implementing innovative ways to address integrity and partner with other government and private organizations to prevent and detect fraud.
* We ensure that unemployed workers receive the accurate amount of benefits for which they are eligible and employers are treated fairly

* We engage employers contributing to the trust fund and unemployed individuals to participate fully in the process of determining eligibility and paying benefits, when appropriate
* Our website allows employers to file quarterly contribution reports online, pay contributions, respond to requests for information on job separations and wage audits, post a job and report new hires.
separations and wage audits, post a job and report new hires.
* Unemployed individuals can file a claim online, check their claim status, review department correspondence, schedule workshops, and search for jobs
* Our specialists are available online via live chat, by phone, and at workshops statewide.