Workforce Research & Analysis

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Understanding Utah’s dynamic and diverse economic landscape is critical for policymakers, business owners, job seekers, and industry leaders to make informed decisions. Our expert team of economists and labor market analysts are at the forefront of gathering in-depth data and providing clear analysis to support Utah's economic engine.

We also provide data and analysis to help ensure quality and efficient work tied to the many federal programs and grants administered statewide by Workforce Services and partnering state agencies.


We Provide:

  • Local Insights — A quarterly economic analysis for eight regions of the state
  • Interactive blog posts focused on the numerous economic indicators that impact Utah.
  • Presentations highlighting the most current data and economic trends.
  • Special studies that dive into Utah’s unique economic landscape.

Our customers are vast and include federal agencies, state agencies, the Governor’s Office, the Utah Legislature, colleges and universities, advocacy groups, Workforce Services management at all levels, and our own front line staff throughout the state.

We ensure accuracy and relevancy by:

  • Extracting data sets from multiple databases (where applicable)
  • Validating the data
  • Performing sophisticated, high quality, and unbiased research
  • Sharing the data in an understandable and useful format

Online Tools

  • Occupational Explorer
  • County and Statewide Information
  • Wages and Occupational Openings Data
  • Labor Force Data Viewer
  • Industry Employment and Wages
  • FirmFind
  • Info Group Employer Database
  • Population Data Viewer


HOW we accomplish this: CUTTING-EDGE TOOLS AND RESOURCES, and strong relationships with our federal partners help us tap into a rich trough of data for every facet of our internal operations and Utah’s thriving economy.

From wages, unemployment rates and job growth, to database tracking and performance calculations, we dive deep into the numbers to clearly explain what they mean for our customers at every level of state government, as well as local communities, families and individuals.

Our Management Information Systems team supports all Workforce Services programs and applications to help ensure Utahns receive the highest level of customer service.

With a team of economists focused on specific regions throughout the state and savvy analysts who know what data is most relevant, we provide the economic information that matters for Utahns.


Economic Data and Analysis

We offer a vast number of tools and resources to help you make decisions to improve your economic situation and quality of life, whether it be for your business, career, education or family. Our data viewer tools include:
• Employment Data: Monthly unemployment and job growth statistics
• County and State Data: Economic and demographic profiles for Utah’s counties, including employment information, population, sales tax and construction information.
• Labor Force Data: Utah employment and unemployment data by county and statewide from 1990-present.
• Wages and Occupational Opening Data: Wage information for Utah jobs at the statewide and selected sub-state areas.
• Occupational Explorer: Job opening projections, wages, skill requirements, related occupations, employment outlook, training information, and connection to the more than 20,000 openings at
• FirmFind and InfoGroup Employer Databases: Names, addresses, phone numbers, industry, and employment size of virtually all firms in Utah.

Management Information Systems

We provide our partners and customers with the data and analysis needed to make informed, data- driven decisions.
• We help ensure Workforce Services and other Utah state agencies that administer federal programs and grants are operating effectively and efficiently as good stewards of taxpayer dollars.
• We use the data from program applications to monitor performance of initiatives and our staff to help ensure the highest quality of work.