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The 11th Annual Report on Intergenerational Poverty builds upon years of multi-agency partnerships and collective efforts to provide insightful data about individuals and families experiencing intergenerational poverty (IGP). This includes a comprehensive look at annual child well-being data indicators in the areas of early childhood development, education, family economic stability and health.

When it comes to tracking how poverty impacted Utahns in calendar-year 2021, two noteworthy developments are apparent: First, with Utah’s unemployment rate at record lows and the resultant labor-force shortages, Utahns experiencing intergenerational poverty (IGP) are earning more and working more. Second, as Utah’s economy emerges from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, public assistance continues to help mitigate the effects of poverty.

Lastly, changes to Medicaid eligibility increased the number of Utahns accessing public assistance. This change increased the population defined as experiencing IGP to include wealthier Utahns and others that may never have met the historic definition of IGP.

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