DWS Press Release
October 17, 2014

State program generated 394 housing units for lower-income persons

SALT LAKE CITY--The Utah Housing and Community Development Division (HCD) has been awarded the 2014 Council of State Community Development Agencies (COSCDA) Sterling Achievement Award for Housing for Utah’s Community-Driven Housing Program.

"Our program facilitates collaboration between the state, individual communities and developers, all working toward a common goal of affordable housing for moderate and low-income residents," said Gordon Walker, HCD Division Director. "We seek to create new housing units that are community-driven rather than developer-driven."

The COSCDA Sterling

Achievement Award recognizes state programs that have demonstrated community and economic development, housing assistance, and homelessness assistance and prevention. Over the course of four years, Utah’s program has generated seven separate housing projects throughout the state, totaling 394 housing units.

For all the projects, HCD leveraged $52,824,680 in funding by working closely with local governments and developer partners. More information about Utah’s program can be found on HCD’s website: http://jobs.utah.gov/housing/communitydrivenhousingprogram.html.

"Our end-goal is to help communities build housing developments that are a pride to the community, where the community feels "ownership", and where there is a lasting benefit to the populations served", said Walker.