About HCD

Staff Directory

The Housing and Community Development Division is located at:  1385 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

HCD Administration Fax number: 801-468-0211


Name Assignment  Phone Email
Hardy, Jonathan  Division Director 801-468-0137 jhardy@utah.gov
Banner, Rebecca Assistant Director 801-468-0194 rbanner@utah.gov
Smith, Katherine A. Assistant Director 801-468-0101 kasmith@utah.gov
Kennington, Michele Administrative Assistant 801-468-0157 mvobora@utah.gov
Johnson, Sanobi Support Specialist 801-468-0010 sanobijohnson@utah.gov


Name Assignment  Phone Email
Asay, Katrina Program Accountant 801-526-9552 kcasay@utah.gov
Brown, Brenda Program Accountant 801-526-9526 bpbrown@utah.gov
Syzmanski, Patrick Program Accountant 801-526-3411 phsyzmanski@utah.gov
Parker, Matthew Program Accountant/ Technical Audit 801-526-9512 mjparker@utah.gov


State Community Services Office (HEAT, CSBG, EFN, QEFAF, EITC)

Name Assignment  Phone Email
Kolthoff, Susan SCSO Director 801-468-0069 skolthoff@utah.gov
Nisbet, Lani HEAT Program Specialist 801-468-0014 lnisbet@utah.gov
Quackenbush, Karen SCSO Program Specialist 801-468-0142 kquackenbush@utah.gov
Wilkinson, Rhonda HEAT & EFN 801-468-0057 rmwilkinson@utah.gov

Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund (OWHLF)

Name Assignment Phone Email
Glines, Shelli Director of Housing 801-468-0144 sglines@utah.gov
Fox, Steve Housing Compliance Monitor 801-404-1885 smfox@utah.gov
Despain, Annette Housing Loan Portfolio Specialist 801-468-0032 adespain@utah.gov
Herbert-Voss, Daniel Housing Program Manager 801-468-0042 dhvoss@utah.gov
Kohutek, Robert Community Planning 801-468-0141 rkohutek@utah.gov
Poll, Lori Housing Loan Closing Specialist 801-468-0151 lpoll@utah.gov
Peterson, Jess Single Family and Self-Help Program Manager 801-468-0145 jesspeterson@utah.gov
Rees, Lora Contract and Document Management 801-468-0091 lorarees@utah.gov
Wise, Elias Fair Housing and Compliance Planning 801-468-0140 ewise@utah.gov

Weatherization Assistance Program

Name Assignment  Phone Email
Carpenter, Brad Director 801-468-0134 blcarpenter@utah.gov
Turner, Matt Weatherization Specialist 801-468-0155 mjturner@utah.gov
Dalton, Matt Weatherization Specialist 801-773-7877 mndalton@utah.gov
Thompson, Wade HVAC Specialist 801-209-8346 wthompson@utah.gov


Homelessness Programs Team

Name Assignment  Phone Email
Davis, Tricia Program Manager 801-468-0148 tadavis@utah.gov
Chagzoetsang, Pema Program Specialist, Contracts, Invoicing 801-468-0149 pchagzoe@utah.gov
Domenici, Jennifer Program Specialist 801-803-3173 jdomenici@utah.gov
Kennington, Michele Administrative Assistant 801-468-0157 mvobora@utah.gov
Powell, Dan Program Specialist 801­-468-­0109 dpowell@utah.gov
Hartvigsen, Alex HMIS Program Support 801-­468­-0198 alexhartvigsen@utah.gov
Coulam, Brett HMIS System Administrator 801-­468­-0183 bcoulam@utah.gov
Moore, Sarah HMIS Program Support 801-468-0045 smmoore@utah.gov


Name Assignment Phone Email
Heaton, Keith Community Development Director 801-468-0133 kheaton@utah.gov

Rural Planning Group

Name Assignment Phone Email
Timmins, Flint Planning Consultant 801-468-0143 ftimmins@utah.gov
Moberly, Paul Planning Consultant 801-468-0074 moberpaul@utah.gov
Slaughter, Kyle Planning Consultant 801-368-6289 kslaughter@utah.gov
Christensen, Aubrey Planning Consultant 801-213-7026 aubreychristensen@utah.gov

Community Development Block Grant, Navajo Revitalization Fund, Uintah Basin Revitalization Fund

Name Assignment Phone Email
Brown, Cheryl CDBG Manager, HUD Environmental Review 801-468-0118 cbrown@utah.gov
Jacobs, Mary CDBG Program Specialist/WebGrants 801-468-0124 mjacobs@utah.gov
Tuimauga, Julie CDBG Specialist/HUD Labor Standards 801-468-0127 jtuimauga@utah.gov

Permanent Community Impact Fund (CIB), Regional Planning Program (RPP)

Name Assignment Phone Email
Powers, Candace CIB Program Manager 801-468-0131 cpowers@utah.gov
Gardner, Gayle Program Payments & Rural Planning 801-468-0129 ggardner@utah.gov
Brown, Brenda Program Specialist 801-468-0175 bpbrown@utah.gov
Rhead, Cris Administrative Assistant 801-468-0043 crhead@utah.gov

State Small Business Credit Initiative

Name Assignment Phone Email
Kolthoff, Susan SSBCI Program Specialist 801-468-0069 skolthoff@utah.gov

Fiscal Monitoring Team

Name Assignment Phone Email
Smith, Katherine Assistant Director 801­468-0101 kasmith@utah.gov
Lee, Doug Auditor 801-468-0113 dclee@utah.gov
Richards, Brian Field Auditor/Reviewer 801-468-0014 brichards@utah.gov