Community Impact Board Programs

Regional Planning Program (RPP)


  • The core mission of the Permanent Community Impact Fund Board (CIB) is to mitigate socio-economic impacts resulting from natural resource development on federal lands.
  • Through the proposed program the CIB will provide stability for continuous quality planning throughout rural Utah.
  • Provide funds for participating regional Associations of Governments (AOGs) to commit a full-time planner, whose time and responsibilities will be dedicated solely to the core mission and goals of the CIB.

Program Summary

    • Establish a five-year program to implement the general goals of the CIB in each of the following five planning regions:
      • Bear River
      • Five County
      • Six County
      • Southeastern Utah
      • Uintah Basin

  • The RPP will be flexible in its requirements to allow for the development and implementation of regional and local goals.
  • The CIB will provide funding through an annual, renewable, contract for a full-time planner dedicated to the RPP in each region.
  • The planner will assist communities in the region to address the impacts of natural resource development, including the cyclical nature of such development.


  • Commit a full-time planner, who reports to the AOG, but whose time and responsibilities will be dedicated solely to the core mission and goals of the CIB.
  • Analyze the impacts of natural resource development.
  • Determine the needs of the communities impacted by such development.
  • Evaluate the communities’ assets and capacity to meet their needs.
  • Create capital improvements list for each county.
  • Provide technical assistance to communities to meet their planning needs.
  • Assist communities to prepare grant applications for planning and capital improvement needs, in particular, applications to the CIB.
  • Outputs and programmatic activities will have a direct relationship to the efforts of the communities and CIB to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of natural resource development.
  • Establish a system, that is mutually responsive to the CIB and AOG, for furthering and evaluating the program outcomes.


  • Submit work product and quarterly reports to the CIB, updating progress on goals 1-9 above.
  • Coordinate planning activities that use CIB and other State funds.
  • Coordinate requests for State planning funds, including CDBG, Housing, Quality Growth and GOPB.
  • Provide planning services for communities by coordinating training, identifying funding sources, drafting requests for proposals, reviewing draft plans and ordinances, and advising, including attending public meetings – all with due consideration to the time and fiscal constraints of this program.
  • Attend training sessions and coordination meetings provided by CIB staff. (Initially contemplated to be in-person quarterly, but frequency and/or format may change.)
  • Respond to program evaluations and recommendations from CIB staff.

CIB Staff

  • Provide training sessions and coordination meetings for planners to acquaint them with RPP requirements and other planning resources, including other agencies as appropriate.
  • Respond to requests and program concerns from the five AOGs and planners.
  • Provide the CIB with annual program information and review for their consideration in preauthorizing the AOG contracts for another year.

Work Description

  • Regional Planning Activities (Mandatory)
    • Regional Capital Improvement List by County
    • Due April 1
    • Vetting local requests for planning funds (Mandatory)
    • Due according to the PCIFB trimester application schedule
  • Local Planning and Technical Assistance Activities (Mandatory, but mix and level flexible based on local needs)
    • Planning and Zoning, including General (Master) Plan
    • TA/Grantsmanship (Particularly CIB requests)
    • TA/Planning-consulting RFPs
    • Planning Training
    • Economic Planning
    • Plan Coordination
    • Other


RPP Planners

Bear River AOG
Brian Carver
Fax: 435-752-6962
170 North Main
Logan, UT 84331

Six County AOG
Zac Leavitt
Fax: 435-893-0701
P.O. Box 820 (250 North Main)
Richfield, UT 84701

Five County AOG
Gary O. Zabriskie
Fax: 435-673-3540
P.O. Box 1550
(1070 West 1600 South, Bldg. B)
St. George, UT 84771

Southeast Utah AOG
Michael Bryant
Fax: 435-637-5448
375 S Carbon Ave
Price, UT 84501

Uintah Basin AOG
Kevin Yack
Fax: 435-722-4890
330 East 100 South
Roosevelt, UT 84066


Urban Region Planners

Mountainland AOG
Robert Allen
Fax: 801.229.3801
586 East 800 North
Orem, UT 84097-4146

Wasatch Front Regional Council
Christy Dahlberg
801.363.4250 x5005
Fax: 801.363.4230
295 North Jimmy Doolittle Rd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

CIB Staff

Department of Workforce Services
Division of Housing and Community Development
Permanent Community Impact Fund Board
1385 South State Street, 4th Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
Fax: 801-526-9435

Candace Powers
Fund Manager

Gayle Gardner
Associate Fund Manager

Brenda Brown
Program Specialist

State Agency Partners

Division of Water Quality

John Mackey
195 North 1924 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
(801) 536-4347

Division of Drinking Water

Lisa Nelson
195 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114
(801) 536-4348