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Tessa's Story

Now thriving as a marketing manager,Tessa's life wasn’t always easy. She describes her experience in Work Success as “life-changing”— a vital catalyst during a dark time that helped her achieve success. She is thankful for a great job, a great life and being someone that her six girls can be proud of. Tessa says, “Work Success saved my life!”

For ten years, Tessa was the sales director for an events center in Salt Lake City. But suddenly, she found herself in the middle of a divorce, paying alimony and drinking to ease the pain. Courageously she sought help in an outpatient program and successfully returned to her job. However, a lack of support from administration led to a mutual agreement to terminate her employment.

Out of work, emotionally drained and financially struggling, Tessa came to DWS seeking temporary assistance to support her family. She was introduced to the Work Success program and found an opportunity to be productive with coaches who were supportive of her desire to remain sober.

Tessa’s Work Success coaches instilled in her a renewed sense of confidence and self-worth. She gained valuable employment strategies, life skills and motivation. Her coaches and participants were invested in her success. She can’t imagine why everyone isn’t participating in Work Success!

As a result of Tessa’s commitment to the program she landed an interview with Bucca di Beppo, which led to four more interviews with corporate executives. Tessa got the job and over a year later, she is a highly successful marketing manager!