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Welcome to the Utah Department of Workforce Services Unemployment Insurance Claim Filing web site. In order to file for Unemployment Insurance (UI) you must have been separated from your employer or have had your hours reduced.

You will need the following information to file:

Please gather this information before continuing to file your claim. This site is available from 2:00 AM to 11:45 PM, seven days a week. The filing process takes, on average, 30 minutes to complete. Please allow enough time to complete the process.

If you attempt to submit a page after 11:45 PM, you will not be able to complete your claim. Your data will be saved and you will be able to complete your claim, if you return within 24 hours.


Please save all data prior to submitting each step. If you remain on any page for more than 20 minutes, your session may time out and you will need to log in again and continue.

If you are currently outside the United States or Canada, you are not eligible for Utah Unemployment Benefits.

There are six sections to this application. Once you have completed each section, you will be unable to go back and make changes.

  1. Initial Steps: This section includes identity verification questions and questions to determine your eligibility.
  2. Personal Information: This section includes things like your address and contact information, as well as optional demographic information.
  3. Employment Information: This section includes all of your employment information for the last several months, including separation information.
  4. Eligibility Questions: This section includes information regarding your current availability for employment.
  5. Statements: This section details the information surrounding each employer separation.
  6. Finalize Your Claim: This section details information and instructions to keep your unemployment claim active. Please read this information carefully.

By filing a claim for unemployment benefits, you give consent to your employer(s) to release to Workforce Services all information necessary to determine eligibility, even if the information is confidential. Utah law requires employers to report any wages covered under the Utah Employment Security Act and the reason you are not working.

Your benefits may be denied if you fail to provide Workforce Services with all the information necessary to determine your eligibility for benefits. Workforce Services may use information you or your employer provide to: