Performance Data: Disability Determination Services

The Social Security Administration (SSA) establishes and reviews the performance metrics and outcomes for the Utah Disability Determination Services (DDS). SSA general performance requirements for DDS includes tracking the number of applications DDS processes, the average number of determinations made per full-time employee, accuracy rates, and the processing times. DDS also performs quality and fraud control by conducting extensive internal reviews and submitting cases to SSA for external reviews. Download DDS performance report.


DDS processes approximately 20,000 cases per year to examine the eligibility of new applications to the SSA program, applications for claimants that did not quality for SSA benefits previously, and current claimants that are subject to periodic review.

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Accuracy and Processing Times

SSA selects a random number of DDS claims and reviews for accuracy of the claimant’s eligibility for SSA benefits. DDS will conduct an internal review of approximately 400 cases per month to ensure DDS is above SSA’s goal of 97%.



SSA measures the average of determinations made per employee each fiscal year. DDS calculates this average by dividing all cases with a determination to the total amount of full-time employees for the fiscal year. This provides a snapshot of the number of cases DDS examiners produce on average year.