Utah Schools Vision Screenings


Utah Schools Vision Screening

A student’s ability to see greatly affects their ability to learn.  Screening for vision problems is an important part of school health services and is largely carried out by school registered nurses.  A vision screening program plays a vital role in the early identification of visual problems that may negatively affect a child’s academic success.

Vision screening is an important component of school health services and a cost-effective means to identify students who may have a vision problem.  School nurses administer the vision screenings at the district level.

When a student is identified as having a possible visual problem, the student is referred to an eye care specialist for diagnosis and treatment.  In addition, school nurses assist low-income children in obtaining free vision care.  Utah schools have state guidelines in place that promote consistency and standardization of school vision screening.

Although vision screening is crucial in identifying children with visual problems, it is important for parents to understand that it is not a substitute for a complete eye exam and vision evaluation by an eye care professional.

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