Abraham Lopez

Occupation: Automotive Service Technician

VR Counselor: Kate Hinchee (Northern Utah District)

VR Provided Assistance:

  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance
  • Individualized Plan for Employment
  • High School Transition Services
  • UWIPS Benefits Planning
  • On the Job Training
  • Job Placement

Abraham applied for Vocational Rehabilitation services in March 2015, when he was a high school student. Abraham attended post-secondary school at the Lincoln Center until he graduated in May 2017. During the school day, he participated in two different worksites. His instructors noted he was a hard worker and cared about the people he worked with. Like so many teenagers, he needed to improve his soft skills, such as focusing on his work and staying off his cell phone. Abraham’s peers and teachers spoke of him as a pleasant person with an easygoing nature and great manners.

Abraham enjoyed his work site placement at Hansen Motor Company, where he helped clean the customer vehicles. Due to his interest in mechanics, he learned enough from his coworkers that he was confident to service his own vehicle, as well as the vehicles of his family. Abraham continued to set his goal of becoming a mechanic.

After graduation, he began working at Hansen Motors, primarily assigned to maintaining the shop, cleaning vehicles and sometimes working on routine maintenance of customer vehicles.

Abraham wanted to become a mechanic and through the development of his Individual Plan for Employment with his Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Kate Hinchee, he began working with Dan Kroc, the Choose to Work specialist in the Northern District. Dan was able to set up an On-the-Job Training agreement with Hansen Motors for Abraham to train in basic mechanics, in order for him to learn how to provide routine maintenance on customer’s vehicles. Abraham was referred to Utah Work Incentive Planning Services and met with Farrah Edwards to understand his earning capacity and how Social Security benefits are affected by earned income.

After six months, Abraham successfully completed his training and was offered a permanent position with Hansen Motors — along with a raise! Abraham is grateful for the support and assistance he received through USOR. Through his hard work and determination Abraham is off to a great start in his career pathway to reaching his goals.