Occupation: Computer Network Support Specialist

Brandon Hunt

Brandon reached his lifelong goal of becoming a pilot in 2001 and had a successful career flying for a private company for 12 years. Brandon suffered with some mild anxiety and depression early in his life, but in 2013 his anxiety and depression increased to the point that he had to be placed on medications and the FAA placed him on probation from flying until he could show that he was stable for a year. It turned out that even after a year, flying a plane continued to give Brandon severe anxiety and he was no longer able to fly.

In 2014 Brandon applied for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services and began working with his VR Counselor. After careful review and consideration, Brandon and his counselor developed an Individual Plan for Employment with the vocational goal of Computer Specialist.

This goal required Brandon to further his academic training and he ultimately started school at Southern Utah University (SUU) during the fall of 2014. Brandon was determined to not let his disability define his success and he excelled in his training program. Brandon continued to work closely with his physician, VR counselor and natural supports to address and remediate barriers due to depression and anxiety.

In May 2016, Brandon successfully graduated from SUU with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and immediately obtained a job at EMC Corporation as a Computer Network Support Specialist making $24.76 per hour. Because of his personal drive and services received and coordinated through VR, Brandon is again successfully employed!

Brandon relates that through this process he has gained self-confidence and is grateful for the help VR provided him.