Jacob Anderson

Occupation: Teacher Assistant 

VR Counselor: Amanda Salmon (Ogden District)

VR Provided Assistance:

  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance
  • Individualized Plan for Employment
  • Transportation
  • Career Discovery Assessment
  • Customized Employment Services
  • Work Incentives Planning

Jacob Anderson applied for services with the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (USOR) in June 2009 with the hopes of increasing his independence.

Jacob Anderson

Jacob attended school in both Davis and Weber School Districts where he worked on further developing his skills through his Individualized Educational Plan. Jacob graduated from the Weber School District Life Program in May 2015 with his high school diploma.

After graduation, Jacob was unsure of what he would like to do and was uncertain what his future would look like. In an effort to continue to develop his skills and to work towards employment, Jacob began working at the sheltered workshop at Pioneer Adult Education. With the support of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), Jacob was encouraged to pursue competitive, integrated employment. Jacob completed a Discovery Assessment through the Pathways Program at PARC where his interests and ideal conditions for employment were identified.

Jacob really wanted to find a job where he would be able to work at a school, helping children to achieve their goals the way that school staff previously assisted him in reaching his own. Through Customized Employment—with the support of Pathways to Careers and his VR counselor Amanda Salmon—Jacob was able to secure a position as a teacher assistant in the Davis School District. Beloved by the students that he works with, the school has even used extra time with “Mr. J” as a reward for students that are exceeding their goals in the classroom and with behavioral plans.

Jacob is able to ride on UTA’s public transit independently from his house in Pleasant View all the way to his job at South Clearfield Elementary, helping him to further his independence. He was sad that the school year came to an end but is excited to work with a new group of students in the fall. When asked about his thoughts on the support he received from USOR, Jacob expressed, “They helped me find my dream job.”