Occupation: Customer Service

Alexis Martinez

In April 2012, Alexis Martinez, wanting to become more independent, applied for Vocational Rehabilitation services. To enhance her independence, she aspired to finish school, develop her skills and obtain a job.

As a student, Alexis received vocational guidance and counseling from her Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, Amanda Salmon, and was able to successfully complete her Individualized Education Program goals and graduate from the Ogden Adult Transition Program with a high school diploma.

After graduation, Alexis completed a work strategy assessment to determine what assistance she needed for her job search and on-the-job support. It was agreed that she would benefit the most from participating in Supported Job Based Training.

Alexis set a vocational goal and started to search, apply and interview for positions. Initially, she wanted to explore her artistic interests and work at a craft store. That later changed to searching for a job where she could be sociable with customers. Throughout the search, it was important to Alexis to also find a position close to home, so she could walk to and from work. With the help of a job coach, she was able to find a position that matched her wish list. Alexis started a new job as a customer service representative at Hug-Hes Café where her tasks involve serving customers and cleaning the dining area.

She quickly excelled at her responsibilities and was soon given more to do—including decorating the café’s cookies—allowing her to use her creative talents to the benefit of her employer. Her employer has also been helpful in providing support to help Alexis stay focused and manage her time effectively.

Through Vocational Rehabilitation’s assistance, Alexis was able to meet her goal of becoming more independent and is enjoying her new job responsibilities.