Nathan Bond

Occupation: Cart Associate

UWIPS Benefits Specialist: Farrah Edwards

Nathan was first referred to the Utah Work Incentives Benefits Planning (UWIPS) in October 2017. He was working part-time in the fast food industry and earning less than $300 per month. Nathan was dependent on Social Security, Medicare, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or Food Stamps) benefits and the Utah Community Supports Waiver to meet his basic living expenses. Nathan believed he could work more; but, he was worried that earning more money would jeopardize his eligibility for Community Supports Waiver services, which he relied on to live and work independently in the community.

Nathan met with UWIPS Benefits Specialist Farrah Edwards, who gave him information and guidance on how working would affect his benefits. Farrah provided Nathan with an individualized benefits summary and analysis, and coordinated with Ashley Braegger, his payee and contracted support provider at the Life Skills and Individual Needs Center.

After meeting with UWIPS, Nathan and Ashley felt confident about Nathan moving towards greater employment. Ashley assisted Nathan in obtaining an offer of full-time employment as a cart associate at Walmart. To provide wrap-around support, Farrah met with Nathan and Ashley to answer questions and discuss concerns about this new job. Nathan was surprised to learn that his potential new job provided enough money to replace his need for Social Security cash benefits and SNAP benefits, while still maintaining access to waiver services. This information helped empower Nathan to accept the job offer.

Today, Nathan is working full-time at Walmart. He has stopped his cash and SNAP benefits completely and is still eligible for his Community Supports Waiver. Through accurate and timely work incentives counseling and support, Nathan had the confidence to pursue higher-paying employment that offers more financial security and independence.