Occupation: Walmart Employee

Alex Neumeier

Alex Neumeier began services with VR in October 2013 while living on the Wasatch Front. He was found eligible for services due to depression and anxiety. Shortly after, he moved to Southern Utah to help take care of his mother and siblings due to his father unexpectedly passing away.

Alex met with his counselor, and they began working on an Individualized Plan for Employment. He was very motivated, and had a sense of urgency and a desire to begin work as soon as possible. His family was quickly falling behind on bills, as they had little or no income after his father passed away. Alex did not know what he was going to do, and was under a lot of stress. His counselor assured him that VR could provide the necessary supports which would lead to successful employment.

The services VR provided included vocational rehabilitation counseling and guidance to help him establish a viable job goal. Emotional support was also provided to help Alex deal with the death of his father and with taking on the responsibility of caring for his mother and siblings. VR identified the need for mental health therapy, which provided him with support for his ongoing depression and anxiety. VR partnered with a Choose-To-Work Specialist, who met with Alex right away to help him prepare and look for a job.

Through several direct and coordinated services, VR was able to help Alex become stable, allowing him to find successful employment at Walmart. Alex continues to gain self-confidence in his job, and is doing very well. He is now able to support his family, and is grateful for the assistance and support given to him by the VR program.