Occupation: Business Owner and Artist

Rochelle Wise

Rochelle Wise was 19 years old when she started having seizures and was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy. Her life changed as she faced challenges with the complications brought by the seizures and experiencing low energy from her medications. Through her perseverance and with the help of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), Rochelle didn’t let these limitations affect her life pursuits.

VR Counselor Kim Fox first helped Rochelle focus on her education by supporting her as she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Visual Communications from Utah Valley University. After graduation, Vocational Rehabilitation assisted in assembling a small art studio in Rochelle’s backyard—complete with tools and art supplies—so she could have her own place to work.

“Thanks to the things Vocational Rehabilitation has given me — my education, my studio and many other supports — I have been able to gain a vocation that I love, clientele from all over, and the ongoing ability to work as fast as my abilities,” said Rochelle.

With her new workspace for painting and sculpting, Rochelle started her own business and used her talent to create unique art pieces. Today, Rochelle is an award-winning artist with her beautiful artwork on display in galleries throughout Utah. She considers owning her own business as one of her greatest successes.

“[My work] has given me purpose and has allowed me to share part of myself with my community. It has given me the ability to create my own destiny,” said Rochelle. “I am so grateful for all that Vocational Rehabilitation has done for me and for my great VR Counselor that never gave up on me and believed in me.”

By providing educational support and work opportunities tailored to their needs, Vocational Rehabilitation helps clients such as Rochelle realize their potential and achieve success.