Occupation: Customer Service

Diana Young

Diana applied for Vocational Rehabilitation services in March of 2016 in order to help her obtain and maintain permanent, part-time employment. She applied for services through a pilot program in the Northern District to increase collaboration between VR and Bear River Mental Health. When she applied, she was working at an internship and wanted to find permanent employment either as a receptionist or working in customer service.

She developed her Individual Plan for Employment with her Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Teresa Hardman and started working with Dan Kroc, the Choose to Work specialist in the Northern District. While working with Dan, Diana worked on interview preparation, updated her resume and referrals, developed a cover letter and applied for many positions. Dan also focused on Diana’s comparable benefits of Cache Valley Transit District and their “Call-A-Ride” program for transportation and benefits counseling to allow her to maintain her necessary benefits while still being employed.

Diana and her VR counselor later decided that she needed more assistance in her job search and job placement, and so she was referred to a Community Rehabilitation Program and assigned a job coach to assist in her search to find employment. While working with her job coach, Diana engaged in a Work Strategy Assessment and participated in a Workplace Accommodation Assessment with Utah State University’s Assistive Technology program. She soon became employed at Wal-Mart and benefits from her individualized workplace accommodations in order to continue being successful in her position.

Diana was able to meet her goal of obtaining and maintaining permanent, part-time employment through Vocational Rehabilitation’s services. She continues to enjoy her new job and looks forward to working there for many years.  

VR Provided Assistance:

  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance
  • Individualized Plan for Employment
  • Coordination of Restoration Services
  • Coordination of Workplace Accommodations
  • Job Development, Placement and Coaching Services