Occupation: Security Manager and Youth Worker

Mindy Zampedri

Mindy Zampedri was found eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) in April 2014 with disabilities including major depressive disorder and physical injuries related to an auto accident. Mindy was restricted in terms of physical strength and her motivation. She had been a manager at a retail store previously, but her disabilities made it difficult to continue her employment. She had a strong interest, however, in retail theft prevention and possibly working in security.

A VR counselor worked with Mindy on her résumé, and they discussed several possible companies that were hiring. Mindy successfully obtained employment first as a full-time youth worker with Waterfall Canyon, a group home for autistic boys. Her case was closed successfully, but Mindy kept in contact with her counselor. With her VR counselor’s encouragement, Mindy prepared to interview for a second position as a security manager. Her preparation paid off, as she was hired for the position. She currently works both jobs, which have led to newfound independence and an improvement in self-confidence.

VR assisted Mindy with counseling and guidance, physical restoration services (including medications), an eye exam and glasses; mental restoration, including therapy and medication management; gas vouchers for job interviews, job-seeking assistance through the Choose to Work program; and vocational training at the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center. The supportive counseling provided by the VR counselor and the Choose to Work specialist helped Mindy to achieve her employment goals and increase her self-sufficiency and independence.