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Worker Flows To and From Utah

Workers often build their careers through job-hopping. Job-to-job moves are a primary means by which workers move from lower-paying to better-paying employers, from dead-end jobs to new career ladders. Similarly, employers often seek experienced workers for jobs - workers who are often currently working at other firms. These flows of workers across employers, industries, and labor markets are subsequently quite large - about 1/2 of hires and separations in 2000 were job-to-job flows.

This visualization uses the US Census Bureau's beta release of the Job-to-Job Flows (J2J) data, and is designed to help us better understand these complex labor flow dynamics for Utah. Change the "Flow Type" to see in-flows, out-flows, or net-flows. Use "Job Type" to select all jobs or just stable jobs (jobs where the worker sticks around for at least a full quarter). Move the slider to view data for different years. Click on the "Ranks and Time Series" tab to see ordered lists of which states and industries workers are flowing to-and-from, as well as a quarterly time-series of flow dynamics. Hover over any chart for more info and click any chart to further filter the other charts.


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