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Economic Data

Utah’s source for economic and workforce data and analysis to help you make informed decisions.

Job Seekers

Make better career choices with information on projected occupational demand, transferable skills and local wages.


Connecting you with information about Utah’s employment situation and labor force.

Explore Data

Delve into a wealth of economic, demographic and labor force data; categorized in one place to simplify your search.

Employment Update

Utah’s current monthly employment growth and unemployment rate report.

Local Insights

Snapshots of local economic performance and summary analysis by our expert team of regional economists.

Employment Info

View weekly Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit activities, along with active employer job postings. 


Utah Economic Data Viewer

A tool for studying occupations, profiling occupational wages, quantifying industry employment and wages, finding firms, downloading unemployment rate information and exploring population estimates. State, regional and county information.

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