Utah Job Vacancy Survey

To profile Utah’s current job openings and get an idea of the demand for labor in Utah, the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) has conducted a job vacancy survey. It is designed to be a snapshot of Utah’s labor market during one period of time, in this case the fourth quarter of 2004. It is not to be confused with other occupational projections done by DWS, which are job projections looking forward across the next ten years.

This survey’s scope is to take a sampling of Utah’s employers throughout all the major industrial sectors, and to ask employers questions surrounding their current job openings. Through this, DWS can gauge how many jobs are open at any one time, what occupations have many openings, which ones employers are having a hard time filling, and which occupations employers list as always being open; among other questions.

The survey covered a three-month period from October 2004 through December 2004 (the fourth quarter of 2004). Over 2,400 Utah employers responded to the survey, and they provided a profile of their current job openings at any particular time within this three-month window.

Survey results are available by four geographic regions in Utah Metropolitan Utah, Northern Utah, Southern Utah, and Nonmetropolitan Utah. DWS chose not to publish data at the statewide level as it would be so dominated by the Metropolitan Utah results that they would almost be indistinguishable.