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Eligible Training Provider Application

If you represent a school, college or university and would like to become an eligible training provider of adult education, occupational skills or post-secondary education, you’re in the right place.

If you are a job seeker, this is not the correct application for you to complete. Please log in to My Job Search and click on Apply for Training Services.


In July 2014 Congress passed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The focus of WIOA is to provide performance, cost and other detail that potential students need in order to make an informed choice on training program selection. WIOA governs the process and requirements for schools to be eligible for funds from DWS students.


Your school must:

Program of Study Requirements:

You must apply for every program of study you want to have determined eligible. In order to have performance data for DWS students to make an informed choice on program selection, your program of study must operate for at least two years after the first training class completes. You will be required to report the following data elements:

If the program you are applying for is an online training, it must be part of a curriculum where lessons are assigned, completed, and returned; has a mechanism for student interaction with an instructor(s); and requires students to take periodic tests.

Apply for Eligibility:

If you meet the above requirements, link here to apply to be an eligible training provider.

After you complete your portion of the application, it takes 45 days to be reviewed and a decision made.

DWS cannot pay for any costs incurred prior to approval.

Upon Approval