Utah Patriot Partnership

What is the Utah Patriot Partnership? 

The ‘Utah Patriot Partnership’ network is a State of Utah Workforce Services program that empowers businesses through their pledge to extend priority consideration of employment practices to veterans, military members and spouses.

Why join?

The Utah Patriot Partnership allows your organization to stand out and be recognized as an employer of choice by veteran and military talent. Employers who have taken advantage and optimized this talent have gained a competitive edge.

The Utah Patriot Partnership program aims to:

  • educate and train on why it is a good business practice
  • helps those already committed with how to meet their goals.  

The demographics of veterans, military members and spouses in Utah vary.  Several may have an association with local military operations:

Who is eligible?

  • Registered employers with the Utah Department of Workforce Services 
  • With a minimum of one point of contact, with contact information, listed on employer record
  • Remain in good standing status with the Unemployment Insurance Division
  • Agree to abide by the Utah Patriot Partnership pledge to extend priority employment consideration to veterans, military members and spouses

Become a Utah Patriot Partner now!

There are no costs to join and the process is easy! Choose one of two ways to join.

  1. Employers registered with the Department of Workforce Services  may sign up by visiting https://jobs.utah.gov/jsp/utjobs/employer/createEmployer.do 
  2. Email  utahvets@utah.gov 


The Utah Patriot Partnership recognizes employers that are willing to pledge their support to provide employment opportunities to veterans, military members and spouses. Utah Patriot Partners receive:  

  • A certificate from the Governor and Utah Patriot Partnership pledge
  • An electronic marketing package with free use of the Utah Patriot Partnership logo 
  • Access to lists of veterans, military members and spouses matched to job postings in Utah’s online Job Connection service jobs.utah.gov  
  • Support from our dedicated veteran, military member and spouse employment team
  • Training, development and networking opportunities and events to optimize your veteran, military member and spouse employment initiatives
  • Utah Patriot Partnership Newsletter