Utah Center for Assistive Technology (UCAT)


The Utah Center for Assistive Technology (UCAT) is a statewide resource offering information and technical services to help people with disabilities acquire and use assistive technology devices. UCAT offers free evaluations to anyone within the state of Utah. 

Free Consultation / Referral Form

If you are seeking a free consultation with UCAT, please fill out a referral form and email it to ucat@utah.gov.

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Who We Serve

Our services are available to people with disabilities, parents and other family caregivers, rehabilitation counselors, independent living specialists, special educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, allied medical professionals, and other who are concerned with and advocate for people with disabilities. 

Customized Devices

Sometimes, a commercial, off-the-shelf assistive device is just not quite right to fill a specialized need in the life of a person with a disability. UCAT has a well-equipped workshop and skilled staff who can modify the device to meet the need. We also have the tools and expertise to design and fabricate new solutions to fill unusual needs. Our Assistive Technology Specialists can help you in the following ways:

  • Design, build and fabricate custom devices.
  • Modify devices to better meet a need.
  • Help define seating and positioning needs to ensure maximum effectiveness of a seating solution.
  • Help clients to learn to use aids to daily living (ADL), including electronic ADLs to extend their range of independent activity.
  • Assess job- and home-sites to determine the best way to facilitate client access.
  • Identify and refer equipment and resources.
  • Loan devices for trials of up to 30-days to ensure that they are suited to the need.
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