About the Refugee Services Office

The Utah Refugee Services Office was established in 2008, by the Governor of Utah at the request of refugee communities to provide better coordinated, more comprehensive services to refugees resettled in our state.

We help refugees integrate in Utah by providing and coordinating programs and services. To see our 2021 Annual Report to the Governor, click here.

What We Do

Community Funding & Collaboration

We contribute more than $5 million to organizations that provide critical services to refugees.

Innovative Programs:

  • 2-year case management: Intensive support for new refugees and secondary migrants.
    Partners: International Rescue Committee, Catholic Community Services and Refugee & Immigrant Center - Asian Association of Utah
  • English language and employment skills training: We coordinate ESL and on-the-job training to help refugees become employable.
    Partner: LDS Humanitarian Center


Our team of specialists provide assistance to help ensure refugees are successful in their employment. They screen and assess applicants, provide employment workshops and services, and support employers in hiring refugees.

Innovative Programs:

  • Utah Refugee Center: We help refugees access the training needed to obtain family-sustaining employment. 
    Partners: Salt Lake Community College, Utah State University and Utah Department of Workforce Services


We help refugees preserve their rich cultural heritage while connecting them to services that are vital to their integration. Our goal is to help the mainstream community and refugees understand one another.

Innovative Programs:

  • Leadership Training: We assist refugees in developing their leadership skills and connect them to resources that will benefit their communities. 
    Partners: Salt Lake Community College, American Express and Utah Department of Workforce Services

Funded Services



To energize, educate and empower refugees to achieve their dreams through quality services offered in a collaborative resource-rich environment.


Building a bridge to success for refugees in our community through collaboration, coordination and service delivery.


We envision a strong integrated community engaged to empower refugees’ access to the family-sustaining employment necessary to succeed in Utah for generations to come.

Director’s Welcome


Utah is a small but mighty state in many ways, especially when it comes to services for refugees who now call Utah home. We have a unique and caring welcoming community that is committed to supporting refugees to become successful in their new home. Refugees are supported by a well-coordinated group of refugee service provider agencies who work hard to make the initial resettlement as smooth as possible, and work together to provide case management support for two years.

We are also blessed with a great group of kind and caring volunteers who provide support to refugee families and individuals who need our help.

Lastly, we have a capable and committed team of employees in the Refugee Services Office who work closely with refugees and local refugee communities. We are here to celebrate your successes and support you in times of need.

Thank you all for your commitment and dedication to refugees.

Asha Parekh
Refugee Services Office Director