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Unemployment Insurance Fraud

It is a Crime to Commit Unemployment Insurance Fraud!

Section 76-8-1301 of the Utah State Law states that a claimant or employer who makes a false statement or representation knowing it to be false or fails to disclose a material fact is guilty of Unemployment Insurance Fraud. Individuals who commit Fraud are subject to fines, penalties, and/or criminal prosecution. Those individuals are also subject to benefit disqualification, overpayment recovery, and monetary penalties under Section 35A-4-405.

Claimant Fraud

  • Failure to accurately report hours and earnings
  • Failure to be able and available for work
  • Failure to actively seek work
  • Identity Theft

Employer Fraud

  • Mis-classification of workers
  • Incorrectly reporting wages
  • Providing false information to prevent an otherwise eligible claimant from obtaining benefits
  • Failure to pay Unemployment Insurance taxes, report necessary information, or prohibit inspection from the Department

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