Requesting records related to an appeal

All records used in making the Department’s decision will be provided to you with the notice of hearing packet sent out after you file your appeal. Generally, you do not need to request such records prior to filing your appeal.

Please note: Filing a request for records will not change the time frame for filing a timely appeal.

If you determine you need additional Department records not sent with the notice of hearing packet, please call 801-526- 9300 or 1-877- 800-0671 and speak to an appeals representative regarding your request.

If you need the recording or transcript of your hearing with the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in order to prepare arguments for the Workforce Appeals Board:

If you wish to have a transcript to prepare arguments on a further appeal, please contact the Workforce Appeals Board directly, as the Board will usually have a transcript prepared as soon as you file an appeal.

You can request the recording or transcript as part of filing your appeal to the Workforce Appeals Board. You are allowed to state preliminary grounds for the appeal to the Board in your filing, and then provide supplementary arguments after reviewing the recording or transcript. The Board generally allows 10 days from the date the recording or transcript is sent to the parties to submit additional written arguments or comments.

The contact information for the Board is:

Workforce Appeals Board
PO BOX 45244
Salt Lake City UT 84145-0244

Phone: 801-526-9310

Fax: 801-526-9244

If you need the recording or transcript of your hearing before the ALJ for any other reason (including to use in another legal matter) please follow the instructions here.