Filing a Public Assistance and Training Service Appeal

You have the right to a hearing before an impartial administrative law judge if the Department of Workforce Services or Department of Health has taken any action with which you disagree.

How to request a hearing:

SNAP, Financial Assistance, Medical, Child Care, General Assistance, Training or any other public assistance program administered by the Department of Workforce Services, complete a Hearing Rights and Request for Hearing form and mail, fax or deliver to any Workforce Services Employment Center:

Request for Hearing Forms

  1. Hearing Rights and Request for Hearing form
  2. Solicitud de audiencia imparcial forma (Spanish Version)
    Department of Workforce Services – Fair Hearings
    PO Box 143245
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-3245
  • FAX:
    toll free to: 877-824-6534
  • PHONE:
    toll free to: 877-837-3247

Legal Assistance or Other Help:


You have the right to bring an attorney or any other person to the hearing. You may also be eligible for free legal assistance from Utah Legal Services.Telephone numbers are:

  • Salt Lake - 801-328-8891
  • or toll free at 1-800-662-4245.

You may also receive a referral for legal advice from the Utah Lawyer Referral Service at 801-531-9075.

The Department of Workforce Services cannot assist you by finding or providing you with an attorney. If you have an attorney, the Department is not responsible for and will not pay the attorney fees.