Workforce Innovation and Opportunity act (WIOA)

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity act (WIOA) is a new federal law that provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at the collaboration amongst all partners in Utah's economy, including business, labor, education, and government. The vision of WIOA is to achieve and maintain an integrated, job-driven workforce system that links our diverse, talented workforce to our nation’s businesses and improves the quality of life for our citizens.


  1. Increase access to education, training and employment, particularly for people with barriers to employment
  2. Create a comprehensive, high-quality workforce by aligning workforce investment, education and economic development
  3. Improve the quality and labor-market relevance of workforce investment, education and economic development efforts
  4. Promote improvements in the structure and delivery of services
  5. Increase the prosperity of workers and employers
  6. Reduce welfare dependency, increase economic self-sufficiency, meet employer needs and enhance the productivity and competiveness of the nation

Utah State Plan

Utah's Comprehensive One-Stop Centers

WIOA requires that states each have at least one “comprehensive one-stop center” that provides physical access to all the area’s employment-related services. While Utah already has one-stop centers statewide, the new legislation required stronger alignment and collaboration between agencies, with a major focus on the referral process and cross-training employees — ensuring that everyone working at the center and partner agencies understands the breadth of services available and can connect customers to them.

From July 2017 to January 2020, the SWDB certified six employment centers around the state as official comprehensive one-stop centers.

The centers support job seekers and workers with the high-quality career services, education and training and supportive services they need to get good jobs and stay employed, and to help businesses find skilled workers and access other support including education and training for their current workforce.

Career and Education Assistance

Career and Education Assistance are provided by all of the comprehensive and affiliated one-stop centers throughout Utah. This program supports job seeker and employer services with the goal of increasing wages, job retention and employer satisfaction.

Career and Education Assistance helps individuals with obtaining employment through taking the next step in education, training or a new career path by providing assistance to:

  • Low-income adults
  • dislocated workers who have been separated from employment
  • Youth age 14-24 who need additional assistance

Business Services

Business Services are provided by all of the comprehensive and affiliated one-stop centers throughout Utah. The WIOA partners are committed to helping Utah businesses and offers an array of resources to assist with their business needs.

Adult Education Services

Adult Education empowers individuals to become self-sufficient, with skills necessary for future employment and personal success. Adult education assists adults to become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency while completing a secondary education. Adult education is a program of instruction below the collegiate level for adults and is comprised of Adult High School Completion, Adult Basic Education, English Language Acquisition, and GED® preparation.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The mission of Vocational Rehabilitation is to assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, obtain or maintain employment and achieve independence.