Economic Data Categories


Current, historical and projected employment information. Includes monthly and quarterly data at the state and county level.


Occupational descriptions, wages and requirements. Also covers regional differences and occupational projections.

Labor Force

Profiles of potential and current workers. Includes data on unemployment, migration, commuting and demographics.

Wage and Income

Wage and income measures plus some of the tools available to make wage adjustments across time and geographies.


Characteristics of Utah's population including statistics on population size, age, sex, education, marital status and more.

Firm and Industry

Industry employment, wage and projection information. Also includes largest employers by county and company listings through FirmFind.

Economic Indicators

Statistics that indicate the direction of an economy. Includes economic variables maintained by the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

Other Data

Miscellaneous economic data outside of our other categories. Includes statistics on poverty, well being, businesses, agriculture and GDP.

Utah Economic Data Viewer

A tool containing data on occupations, firms, wages, employment, unemployment and population. State, regional and county information.

Employment Information

The Employment Information Dashboard presents benefit activities filed through the Utah Unemployment Insurance (UI) system.