Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI)

Welcome to your electronic resource for information regarding Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits in Utah.


1099 documents for tax year 2014 have been sent out. Click here to access your 1099.

Due to a change by Google, users who use Google ID to login to jobs.utah.gov will be required to reconnect their Google Id. They will be prompted to complete this process the first time they login on or after March 9, 2015. This is a one time only process.

Please be aware of a phishing scam that has happened in Idaho and Missouri in which emails were received from "Unemployment Advisory Department" or support@us-benefits.org. If you receive this email, delete it immediately and do not click on the links. DWS never requests personal identifying information through email. Unemployment claims can only be filed using our online filing system at https://jobs.utah.gov/ui/ContinuedClaims/UIAccountHome.aspx or by calling the claim center.

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