Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI)

Welcome to your electronic resource for information regarding Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits in Utah.


WARNING: If you received a text, email or phone call saying your unemployment card had been compromised or deactivated and asking you to call a phone number, THIS IS A SCAM. The Federal Trade Commission has now shut down this phone number. If you provided any sensitive information, you should contact your debit/credit card company. The information you have provided to the Unemployment Division has not been compromised.

2013 Tax information is now available. To view and print your 2013 1099 click here.

If you had an overpayment of unemployment compensation and you repaid any of it please refer to line 19 on the 1040. If you have additional questions please speak to a tax professional or refer to pages 26-28 of http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040.pdf

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If you have a fraud or receivable overpayment, the Department may intercept your Federal Income Tax refund through the Treasury Office Program (TOP). The refund intercept amount will go toward paying back your overpayment. A written notice will be sent to you prior to any action.

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