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Electronic Correspondence

Employers can now receive Unemployment Insurance Benefits correspondence electronically through a secure web message center.

Receiving correspondence electronically has many advantages:

  • Convenient access to time-sensitive information
  • Receive correspondence several days faster than by regular mail
  • UI correspondence is sent to a secure UI web site.
  • Reduced mailing costs
  • Ability to respond to some correspondence online

The Details:

  • Signing up for electronic correspondence allows you to electronically receive your Unemployment Insurance (UI) correspondence.
  • Your UI correspondence will be sent to an electronic “mailbox” set up for you on this website. When correspondence is sent to your mailbox, UI will also attempt to send a courtesy notification to an email address you provide. This notification will let you know you have mail in your mailbox.
  • When you agree to receive your UI correspondence electronically, you agree to respond, the same as if you were sent paper correspondence.
  • Even though you sign up for electronic correspondence, UI may need to contact you by telephone or by paper mail.
  • You may discontinue receiving your UI correspondence electronically by opting out.
  • UI may also choose to discontinue sending correspondence to you electronically for various reasons, including if your account or claim becomes inactive.
  • Once electronic correspondence is discontinued, you will need to sign up again to receive it.
  • To receive your UI correspondence electronically, you must sign the "Employer Opt-In Agreement".