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What are the tax preparer code (TP Code) and filing code?

Payroll providers or accountants who are filing for five or more accounts are required to register for a Tax Preparer (TP) Code. Only one TP Code is provided per Tax Preparer business. Such registration will allow payroll providers or accountants to upload and file for multiple accounts without having to provide a PIN number for each employer account. Required registration using Form TPREQ is available at: .

After entering the TP Code, the system generates a Filing Code for all staff who also files quarterly reports for tax clients. To file quarterly reports, each staff member must log in using their own email address and password, and then enter the required Filing Code only once. Both the administrator and staff may add new tax clients by using FEIN and UI registration number (Basic access) or using the UI registration number and PIN (Advanced access).

The administrator will have the authority to delete any staff member’s Filing Code access upon termination or change in duties.