Residential Apartments

Apartment Exterior

Training & Adjustment Services (TAS) offers furnished residential apartments as an option for students attending full-time classes. Students living outside the Salt Lake Valley area or with demonstrated need are eligible to stay in the apartments during training. Residential students are required to take a full-time class schedule. Classes are held Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm with a one hour lunch period between 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eligibility to stay in the Residential Apartments requires that students be able to meet the physical and mental responsibilities, along with the ability to learn how to use the equipment. Residential students must be free from encumbrances that may impede attendance and delay their progress in the training program. 

Apartment Dining Room

Description of Apartments
There are a total of four apartments, housed in two separate buildings. Each apartment has two entrances, a front door and a back door. As you enter the front entrance of each apartment, there is a tiled entryway and hallway. This small, tiled hallway leads you to the individual rooms, living room, or kitchen.

There are two doors located in the tiled hallway. One door is a storage closet for a vacuum, cleaning supplies, and other needs. The other door is a small guest bathroom which includes a sink and toilet. All apartments have five individual bedrooms. The hallway that leads to these individual bedrooms is carpeted. Individual bedrooms include a twin size bed (extra-long) with mattress pad, desk, dresser, nightstand, and large closet. Two bedrooms share a “Jack and Jill” bathroom which includes two sinks and a separate toilet.

Apartment Kitchen

This also includes a shower/bath area and storage for linens. Every apartment has one bedroom that is wheelchair accessible In the same hallway where the individual rooms are located, there is a room that stores an electric washer and dryer. Above the washer/dryer units there are cabinets to store detergents and fabric softener.

Each apartment has a large living room area which includes two leather sofas, a large screen television and a large desk with apartment computers and printers.

There are 3 main stations in the kitchen area; each containing a sink, dishwasher, oven, and microwave. There are 2 large side by side refrigerator/freezers and plenty of cupboard space for storage. In the middle of the kitchen is a large island with cupboard and drawer space. The kitchen has a nice table which can seat up to six people.