DSBVI Case Management


The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program serves persons who are legally blind, and certain qualifying individuals with significant visual impairments. The program helps persons to become employed in ways that are appropriate to each individual’s strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice.

Informed Choice:

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are to provide applicants, eligible individuals, or as appropriate, their representative, informed and meaningful choice throughout the VR process. Informed choice means the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor provides information regarding USOR programs, discusses options for the development of an Individual Plan for Employment (IPE), explores options to enable the individual to have meaningful and informed choice in choosing a vocational goal, specific rehabilitation services, possible service providers, and methods of procuring needed services. Informed choice includes understanding of program restrictions, policy, and due process rights. Informed choice is the cornerstone of ethical Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling and the development of a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor-Client relationship that will enable the individual to be successful. Information relevant to making a choice shall in all circumstances be provided in a mode of communication that is determined appropriate to the individual.

We are a community which provides the highest quality services and empowers clients and staff in an environment of teamwork that results in rewarding employment, independence and self-fulfillment.

In Support of our Vision:

1. We sustain our passion, professionalism, and emotional investment in our clientele by emphasizing meaningful relationships.
2. We build staff confidence, competencies, and a self-directed desire to engage in career development and on-going learning for the success of each client.
3. We prioritize staff activities and tasks to create meaningful relationships resulting in client success.
4. We connect staff to resources and tools to facilitate effective client record management while focusing on Vocational Rehabilitation client relationships.
5. We balance staff work demands to enhance and improve client relationships as well as telling the story of that relationship in the client record.

To Apply:

Click here to apply for services through the main Vocational Rehabilitation application page. You can drop off your application at any USOR or DSBVI office in your area.

How Work Affects Benefits:

Click here to learn about the Utah Work Incentives Planning Services how working affects your social security disability and other benefits.