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Emergency Food Network Report

The State of Utah Division of Housing and Community Development and its State Community Services Office produce an Annual Comprehensive Report on Homelessness in Utah.

The intent of the report is to present the scope of homelessness in Utah, its causes, and the consequences for homeless individuals and families as well as the consequences for communities.  The report outlines the trends in homelessness in Utah over the last few years including the magnitude, geography, and duration of homelessness in Utah and how these trends pertain to the many groups that experience homelessness most often.  These groups include domestic violence victims, poor families, military veterans, and those with a disabling condition such as mental illness, physical disability, or substance abuse problem.

Finally, the report highlights current initiative for effective interventions that provide individuals with employment, health, and housing solutions while concurrently cutting costs to the communities and providing more humane situations for persons who are homeless.

Please go to to view this year's report.