How to Apply

Steps to apply

1.  Submit an application online or in-person at a local Employment Center.

  • Click here to find an Employment Center near you.
  • Or click "Apply Now" to apply online.
  • If you do not have a Utah ID account, you will have to create one. For help, you can view this video

2.  Meet with an employment counselor to complete eligibility.

  • You will be contacted by an employment counselor within three business days to schedule an appointment.
  • The employment counselor will let you know what additional verifications are needed based on your situation.
  • You may be eligible for Career and Education resources if:
    • You've been laid off from a job
    • Have a qualifying household income
    • If you're between ages 14 and 26 and are out of school struggling to connect to employment, start or finish school or are struggling at school or work.
    • If you have been in foster care and you are between the ages of 16-26

3.  Finalize your eligibility.

  • You must provide all required documentation or information to your eligibility counselor within 45 days of submitting your application.  
  • Once all information has been provided by you, the employment counselor will determine which program(s) and services you are eligible for.

4. What to expect if you are eligible

  • You will be contacted by your employment counselor to set up a comprehensive assessment meeting.
  • Together you will create an individual employment plan that includes the following:
    • Complete assessments for career exploration
    • Choose the type of employment that is the best fit for your interests and abilities.
    • Determine the services you are eligible for to help achieve your career goal.
    • Connections to resources based on your qualifying services.

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