Unemployment Insurance Overview

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a joint state and federal program that provides economic stability to Utah’s workforce. Contributions are collected from Utah employers through the state unemployment program to exclusively pay benefits to unemployed workers.

Through the program, individuals who are unemployed through no fault of their own may receive temporary cash benefits to help bridge the gap between jobs. In addition, the insurance keeps money circulating in the economy during a downturn, keeps workers out of poverty and lessens the pressure on other state social services programs.


  • Register employers and monitor compliance
  • Determine if employer accounts are subject to unemployment contributions
  • Collect employer contributions and overpayments for unemployment benefits
  • Post jobs and report new hires online
  • Identify worker misclassification

We help employers claim a tax credit of up to 90% on their federal unemployment tax when they file their state unemployment tax on time.


  • File claims and collect information
  • Determine eligibility for benefit
  • Assess liability for employers
  • Monitor compliance
  • Facilitate re-employment
  • Identify worker misclassification

Utahns draw unemployment benefits nearly three weeks less than the national average. Our program integrity and re-employment efforts help reduce the duration of benefits. 


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