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Through careful management of employer contributions, Utah has one of the healthiest Unemployment Compensation Trust Funds in the nation. Unemployment Insurance collects state unemployment insurance contributions from Utah employers, which are deposited into the Trust Fund, and used to pay unemployment insurance benefits for eligible workers.

By contributing to the Trust Fund, employers are ensuring Utah’s workforce continues to be strong even during economic downturns. This is shown historically as Utah was one of only 15 states that did not have to borrow funds to continue paying benefits during and following the last Recession. This allowed Utah to more quickly lower employer contribution/tax rates as we recovered from the last recession.

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We help employers claim a tax credit of up to 90% on their federal unemployment tax when they file their state unemployment tax on time.

How We Help Employers

  • Register employers and collect information
  • Determine if employer accounts are subject to unemployment contributions
  • Collect employer contributions and overpayments for unemployment benefits
  • Respond to requests on job separations and wage audits
  • Post jobs and report new hires online
  • Monitor compliance
  • Identify worker misclassification


2022 Tax Rates

The Utah employer contribution rate is calculated annually by the Unemployment Insurance Division. In 2022, more than 67% of Utah's employers qualified for the minimum contribution rate of approximately $124 per employee per year.

Online Portal

Through the online portal, employers can file quarterly reports, pay contributions, respond to requests for information on job separations and wage audits, post jobs and report new hires. Log In.

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