Claimant Overview

Unemployment Insurance provides temporary cash benefits for Utahns who are unemployed through no fault of their own while they are seeking other work. The goal of unemployment insurance is to help individuals bridge the gap between jobs and help them become re-employed as soon as possible.

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Utahns draw unemployment benefits nearly three weeks less than the national average. Our program integrity and re-employment efforts help reduce the duration of benefits.

How We Help Claimants

  • File claims and collect information
  • Determine eligibility for benefits
  • Assess liability for employers
  • Monitor compliance
  • Facilitate re-employment
  • Identify worker misclassification


Eligibility Requirements

The amount of benefits an eligible person may receive is determined by the amount of work performed and wages earned during the 18 months prior to filing a claim. In general, unemployment benefits are paid to those who:

  • have qualifying wages.
  • are unemployed through no fault of their own.
  • are able and available to work full-time.
  • are actively seeking full-time work.

Sufficient earnings during the working base period and additional requirements may affect eligibility. Learn more. For a personal assessment, use the Am I Eligible? Tool. This tool will ask for a social security number to provide an accurate assessment.

Online Portal

Through the online portal, claimants can apply for unemployment benefits, file weekly claims, conduct an active search for work, sign up for workshops and report on any work performed. Log In.

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