Communication Assessment

A Communication Assessment is a tool for recognizing the communication barriers that individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing face. The Communication Assessment involves testing for communication strengths in the areas of lipreading, reading, writing, fingerspelling, and signing. The goal of the assessment is to identify and determine which communication needs and accommodations are best suited to the individual. Some individuals communicate more effectively through speech, lipreading or sign language. There are accommodations designed for each of the communication methods.

The Communication Assessment will assist in determining areas of strength in communication. By doing this, services would have official documentation of your communication needs and accommodations. Services can include but are not limited to the workplace, Vocational Rehabilitation, court system, Social Security Administration, Dept. of Children and Family Services, mental health therapist and more.

This is not limited to only the SLC area. The evaluations are available Statewide. All services are at no cost to individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and complete confidentiality is a top priority.

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