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Are family members complaining that the TV is too loud? Do you find yourself daydreaming more during meetings? Are you easily frustrated in group gatherings or large parties? About 1 in 9 people would answer, “Yes!” to all these questions.

DSDHH offers resources including free classes on Living with Hearing Loss, speech reading, coping strategies, information on technology and resources available. There are several Hard of Hearing Assistants providing free classes and information throughout the state.


Videos - May's Better Hearing and Speech Month

In May of each year, the Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing celebrate the Better Hearing and Speech Awareness month. It's an opportunity to raise awareness about people with hearing loss. 

Support Groups

Support Groups Flyer

Hearing Loss Association of America(HLAA)
HLAA has its chapter meeting on every 3rd Wednesday of each month (except December).  The meeting room is equipped with a personal FM radio system so all can hear better. We also use CART technology, so that the spoken words are captioned and projected on a screen.

Association of Late Deafened Adults(ALDA)
ALDA has a social gathering occasionally throughout the year. Contact Kathy Evans for more information.

Say What Club

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Utah Hard of Hearing Facebook

Northern Utah
Chelle Wyatt
Hard of Hearing Specialist

Southern Utah
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