Continued Education Hours Requirements

Interpreters are responsible for keeping their own CEH records and reporting them to UIP within the required certification renewal/recognition cycle. All CEH must be accrued during the cycle year to count toward renewal. 

  • Novice and EIPA interpreters are required to complete 20 CEH's annually.
  • Professional and UCDI level interpreters are required to complete 80 CEH's in a four year period.
    • Only the Professional level may be allowed a once in a lifetime extension allowing longer than the four years to complete the required CEHs. The one-time extension must be applied for before the end of the current cycle. If approved, payment of a late fee is required. Contact UIP for information on how to apply for the one-time extension. uip@utah.gov
  • RID/NIC/NAD certified interpreters must comply with RID’s professional development requirements.

How to Earn CEHs

All CEHs must be PRE-APPROVED two weeks before the activity. CEH approval will NOT be given after the event takes place. The only exception to pre-approval is UIP or RID sponsored workshops. For CEH approval login to your interpreter account and go to the CEH tab.

A minimum of 90% of CEHs must be professional studies related to:

  • Linguistic and cultural studies – the study of any language or linguistic system and the study of any specific culture.
  • Theoretical and experiential studies – the process of interpreting and skill-building activities.
  • Specialization studies – specialized aspects of interpreting used in settings such as legal, medical, mental health and substance-abuse recovery fields.

A maximum of 10% of CEHs must be general studies related to:

  • Human service and leadership studies – topics such as leadership skills, public relations, public speaking and community resources.
  • General knowledge studies – areas less obviously related to the field of but are educationally beneficial to the participant.

Activities that are NOT approved CEHs:

  • Board/Committee activities
  • Professional service delivery
  • Lunch, dinner, socials, or entertainment
  • Activities that are part of one's routine job responsibilities (i.e., inservice or work-related training meetings)

Workshop Approval for Sponsors/Presenters

Interpreters or other individuals can request to present a workshop for other interpreters to earn CEHs. Sponsors or presenters must submit an application and receive approval from UIP prior to conducting the workshop. Sponsors or presenters must also track workshop attendance and submit the completed roster within 30 days after the workshop.