$55 Million Allotted to Address the Needs of Utahns Experiencing Homelessness

In April 2022, SB238 was signed by Gov. Cox and Lt. Gov. Henderson. This $55 million housing bill addresses homelessness, affordable housing, and wraparound services. Through our Office of Homeless Services and Housing and Community Development Division, along with community partners, these funds will make a real difference in helping Utahns to transition out of homelessness. 

The bill was sponsored by Senator Jacob Anderegg and Representative Steve Waldrip in an effort to help better meet the needs of Utahns experiencing homelessness.

The funding is a one-time appropriation from the federally funded American Rescue Plan. The funding will be distributed through the Office of Homeless Services to affordable housing and homeless service providers. Funding eligibility will be based on the recommendations of the homelessness council after reviewing grant applications.

The applicant's income plan, proposed case management and service plans and any matching plans will all be taken into consideration when determining eligibility for grant funding from the $55 million allotment.

The committee will have to provide a full annual report electronically to the  Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee before or on October 1 to provide a full account of how the funds were used.