Apprenticeship Job Fair Offers Earn-and-Learn Job Opportunities

National Apprenticeship Week is Nov. 11-17 and Workforce Services hosted  an Apprenticeship Job Fair to connect job seekers with employers. More than 30 sponsors and 250 job seekers attended the job fair.

Apprenticeships combine paid on-the-job training with relevant classroom instruction, allowing apprentices to develop valuable skills without accruing student loan debt. More...

Apprenticeships Offer Route to High-Paying, In-Demand Careers

Apprenticeships are a valuable asset to many Utah industries and will play an increasingly important role as the state strives to meet its growing workforce needs.

Justin Procarione of South Jordan is in the final year of his electrician apprenticeship program. He had this to say about his experience:

Apprenticeships in my eyes are a very valuable asset to anyone who wants to make great money without going to a four-year university and spending $40,000.  Overall in the apprenticeship I will have spent $5,000 on school and books [this includes DWS assistance], and when I finish I will make roughly $75,000. The fields that have apprenticeships such as electricians, welders and pipe fitters are a dying breed that is in high demand. People don't realize you can spend little, and make a lot with job security. More...

Photo Essay: Weatherization Program and Youth Volunteers Fix Homes and Change Lives in the Navajo Nation

Each year, something surprising happens in the Navajo Nation in southeastern Utah. Hundreds of teens from all around the country gather at a nearby high school, and just five days later, dozens of local residents have newly refurbished homes that can stand up to the harsh desert elements. 

The youth are a participating with Group Mission Trips, a non-denominational Christian organization that provides opportunities for Christian youth to see a new part of the world and give service. For the camps located in southern Utah, the Department of Workforce Services Weatherization Assistance Program provides the supplies, training and expertise needed to make the needed repairs. The Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments also co-sponsors the project. More...