Career and Technical Education Month

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Commissioner's Corner.
Photo of Utah's Commissioner on Apprenticeships Melisa Stark.February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) month. The theme this year is Get on a Pathway to Your Career. Did you know that there are 16 CTE Career Clusters and 79 CTE Pathways that provide a range of career options? The goal of this month is to showcase these opportunities and share how they provide students (youth and adults) with the core academic, employability, technical and job-specific skills to be successful.

What does this mean for you? As Registered Apprenticeship sponsors or workforce development and education partners, it is our job to show students, parents and counselors how Registered Apprenticeships fit into CTE pathways.

When Registered Apprenticeships are incorporated as a leading avenue for high quality, career-connected experiences it ensures that all students can gain access to post-secondary education and high-paying jobs. If you are an apprenticeship sponsor or employer, I challenge you to reach out to your local school districts, technical or community colleges and provide opportunities for students to learn about your programs by providing:
  • In-class presentations
  • Real-life projects for students to work on
  • Information about your industry and programs at CTE open houses
  • Onsite facility tours
  • Internships, pre-apprenticeships and youth apprenticeships
Remember, tomorrow’s workforce is in the classroom today!
Fun Fact: The largest age group of registered apprentices in Utah is the 16 to 24 category.
“We must challenge our myopic view that emphasizing the importance of career pathways is about limiting students, or the view that it’s four-year-college or bust… It is my intention to Raise the Bar so we can lead the world in advanced career and technical education.”  - Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education
Call for Apprenticeship Award Nominations
Is there an individual or an organization that you would like to recognize for the great work they do in Registered Apprenticeships? Nominate them for an Apprenticeship Utah Award! Winners will be recognized during National Apprenticeship Week (November 13-19, 2023) at the Annual Apprenticeship Utah Summit! Nominations will be accepted through Friday, July 14, 2023. 
Award Nominations
Apprenticeship Sponsor Spotlight
The Utah Career Center trains men and women through their two apprenticeship pathways in HVAC or the triple threat (plumbing, pipefitting and welding). When an apprentice is hired they work full-time while also attending school. They earn a great starting wage and receive wage increases throughout the program, making more than $80k annually when they graduate. For more information visit
After completing a one year welding program at Salt Lake Community College, Emily Barton was interested in learning more. She started as an apprentice at Utah Career Center (UCC) and recently graduated in the triple threat program for plumbing, pipefitting and welding. Barton recommends anyone interested in the trades to look into an apprenticeship. “It’s a good career path. It allows you to be independent financially and to support your family,” she said. Apprenticeship graduates at UCC make almost double annually what a university graduate makes. They receive paid training and graduate without student loans.
Watch this video to find out some of the benefits of participating in an apprenticeship program. 
New Registered Programs (Dec. 27, 2022 - Jan. 31, 2023) Employer/Sponsor & Occupation. Momentum Mechanical: Plumber (graphic resembling a plumber). Litehouse Inc.: Industrial Maintenance Technician (Image resembling a technician working). Mountainside Spa Corp. Massage Therapist (Image resembling a massage therapist at work). Equipment Share: Heavy Technician (image resembling a backhoe). EID Inc.: Electrician (Image resembling an electrician).