$55 Million Allotted to Address the Needs of Utahns Experiencing Homelessness

In April 2022, SB238 was signed by Gov. Cox and Lt. Gov. Henderson. This $55 million housing bill addresses homelessness, affordable housing, and wraparound services. Through our Office of Homeless Services and Housing and Community Development Division, along with community partners, these funds will make a real difference in helping Utahns to transition out of homelessness. More...

New 2021 Annual Report on Intergenerational Poverty in Utah

By Britnee Johnston, report author

The Tenth Annual Report on Intergenerational Poverty, Welfare Dependency and Public Assistance Use was released this week by the Intergenerational Welfare Reform Commission and marks a special 10-year milestone of collecting data and building awareness around Utahns living in poverty. Over the past decade, Utah has identified trends, which has guided various organizations in developing plans and improving programs to help families break the cycle of poverty. The full report can be viewed here.

This report builds upon years of multi-agency partnerships and collective efforts to provide insightful data about individuals and families experiencing intergenerational poverty (IGP). This includes a comprehensive look at annual child well-being data indicators in early childhood development, education, family economic stability, and health. More...

Annual report on intergenerational poverty in Utah released for 2019

New analysis shows improvement since initiative began and areas for continued growth

The Utah Intergenerational Welfare Reform Commission today released the state’s Eighth Annual Report on Intergenerational Poverty, Welfare Dependency and the Use of Public Assistance. The report highlights data from multiple state agencies and provides the first progress analysis of the families initially identified as experiencing intergenerational poverty in 2012, when the initiative began.

"It is encouraging to see that our efforts since 2012 are having an impact," said Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, chair of the Intergenerational Welfare Reform Commission. "This updated analysis on how the families we identified years ago are doing now is vital so that we can continue to address Utahns’ needs in a meaningful way. Ultimately, we are working to give all Utah children and families their best opportunities for success." More...